Introducing the Umbii Bed. The worlds first dog bed that helps you manage your dog:

- Jumping

- Peeing/pooping indoors




How it works

Umbii bed keeps the dog on the bed because he is standing on top of it while he is attached. The tether is not long enough to allow the dog to walk off and drag the bed behind him. 

The most useful dog bed ever created!

Like a play pen with-out the walls 

Keeping an eye on your dog has never been this easy 

Just as comfy as a regular dog bed.

Your dog will love to lounge in his umbii bed even when hes not hooked in

Helps you train your dog

Umbii bed makes it easy to ignore bad manners, redirect/correct bad behavior, and reward good behavior


People love umbii

Looks good in your space

The umbii bed takes up as much space as a traditional dog bed

Umbii manages your dog when you cant

When your dog is on an umbii bed you control what he has access to. No more chewing on valuables,  snooping, begging, jumping, escaping, harassing, stealing and no more accidents.

Guilt free dog training.

By giving your dog an Umbii bed you are giving him a safe and cozy place that helps you teach him how to feel comfortable in the world around him.

Created for dogs everywhere

 Designed by a dog parent

  Tested by Dog Trainers 

Approved by veterinarians  

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