Our Mission

We use our physics-based technologies to limit pets to a safe and comfortable area, helping to decrease stress and increase positive interactions in the mutualistic relationship we both share.

Our Purpose

Accomplishing our mission means we will provide dog lovers with a tool that prevents bad behavior, allows them to reward and interact with their dog, is more humane and helps them manage their dog while creating economic opportunities for Veterinarians, Dog Trainers and Pet Stores globally.  

Our Vision 

In the future, dogs worldwide will have a better overall life experience, we will use smarter, more humane and aesthetic methods for managing and training dogs, and there will be more dogs that know how to behave properly and feel comfortable in the environments we co-inhabit. 

Umbii is committed to being a leader in design and technology in the pet product industry, enabling widespread, positive impacts through the development of high-performance and aesthetic pet products that make it easier to thrive with our four legged friends and decrease the cost of owning a dog.